The Fleet.

When it come to drones and FPV, our team doesn’t mess around. On top of the standard aerial photography drones most commonly used, we are outfitted with some very unique custom drones that allow us to achieve shots very few are able to.


Shendrones Squirt

This little 3 inch drone is capable of flight times of up to 3 minutes and can carry the weight of a GoPro Hero 7. We use this frame for shooting in restrictive spaces, as well as filming human and animal subject. Because the frame has propeller guards, we are able to get super close up shots of our subjects.


DJI Mavic pro

The Mavic is a staple in our fleet with multiple uses and easy transport ability.


Shendrones Ichabod

I use my Ichabod for longer range shoots that may require speeds of up to 70mph. The ichabod also carries a gopro Hero 7 and can fly anywhere the smaller Squirt can. It’s just a bit larger and more intimidating for filming individuals.


dji inspire 2

The big brother to the Mavic, the Inspire 2 has longer flight times and higher top speed. Also, we have the ability to carry higher resolution cameras on the Inspire for more impactful footage.


Raggio 7 inch

This is a frame I helped design with Falcon Multirotors, as I was looking for a jello-free long-range HD filming rig that was not only beautiful but also utilitarian. I’ve flown this rig for numerous shoots and it never fails me. This is my favorite drone in the fleet.