Betaflight 4.0 Rates - Changing to more linear curves


My Old Rates Explained

About 2 years ago, I made a drastic change to my rate profile in Betaflight. I cut them in half for Pitch, Roll and Yaw after talking to some of the top racers in the World. Specifically, Nytfury, who told me that lower rates make for cleaner lines and less mistakes. Making this change at the time really helped me make some big jumps in my race lines and I started to gain confidence.

As race track designs became more and more complex, I began noticing that certain maneuvers like the MultiGP spec chicane (10ft gap between flags) were proving to be difficult. I was really having to throw the sticks which led to over corrections and hand fatigue after a full day of flying.

Before we go too much further into explaining my rates, check out this page from the great Oscar Liang where he walks you through RC Rate, Super Rate and Expo.

Take a look at my old rates, which I developed with ScottyDoo on Velocidrone last December. These rates were really game changing for us at the time. Having a low Yaw rate is something I’ve stuck with for the past few years. Many of the top racers will agree that a yaw rate that is > 20% lower than that of the max velocity of your pitch and roll is ideal.

old rates.PNG

Fast forward to about two weeks ago when I made the change to a rate profile very similar to the one that Minchan Kim flies. My teammate MewoFPV helped me lock in these rates and was the one who convinced me to make the change. After trying the MultiGP National Qualifier track on the sim, I knew he was right. I could not hit the “Matt’s Boobs” obstacle as fast as some other pilots with higher rates. Have a look at the vast difference between my old rates and the ones below.

new rates.PNG

The first thing you might notice is the huge increase in RC Rate and the big drop in Super Rate. This gives you a more linear response on the sticks from center to end points. The idea is that you have more consistent control and feel throughout the full stick resolution. The Max velocity increase is not super drastic for pitch and roll, but for yaw it is a bit more aggressive.

These rates were quite difficult to get used to initially. I highly recommend that if you plan to change rates that you try them out in your favorite Simulator. I recommend Velocidrone, which you can purchase here. I will say that these rates do require a steadier hand, but the trade off is worth is when you can really whip around flags and obstacles tightly.

Here is a video I made showing some side by side flight footage with my old rates and new rates. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

colby curtola