Betaflight 4.0 RPM Filter Setup

What you will need to run 4.0 with RPM Filtering

  1. F4 Flight Controller Recommended

  2. Flash FC with Betaflight 4.0

  3. 32-bit ESC’s (My Favorite)

  4. BL-Heli Suite

  5. Latest Betaflight Configurator


Step 1

Flash flight controller with latest betaflight version using the new configurator from the link above. Make sure to use the correct target for your specific flight controller. If you are unsure which target to use, simply connect your FC to BF and then go into CLI tab. From there type “diff” and then hit enter. At the top you will see the target for your FC. For example, it may say “OmnibusF4SD”.

Step 2

Find the Blheli target for your specific 32-bit ESC here

If you are unsure which hex file to download, connect your ESC to blheli suite using your Flight Controller’s pass through and you can see which ESC you have from there.

For example, I have the Aikon 32-bit ESC. The target is called “Aikon-AK32-4in1-35a-6s-v1-0 multi”

Download the hex file by following the steps below…

Step 1 - click on the hex file to open it in a new window.

blheli 2.PNG

Step 2 - Click on the “raw” file

blheli 3.PNG

Step 3 - Right click on the page and click “save as” to save the hex file

Once the hex file is saved, flash the ESC’s using the blheli suite (32-bit version and not the chrome app). You will need to follow the video below and manually select the hex file which should be saved in your downloads folder on your PC.

Step 3

Find your Flight controller on the list of these targets on this page.

Which should you install, New or Upgrade? From @Fujin - “We’ve added a bit of tuning for optimal prop wash handling, which should be ideal for new installs but might change the tune of an existing quad. Use the “Upgrade” for an existing already tuned quad.”


Copy and paste all of this text (MAKE SURE IT IS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC FC TARGET) into the CLI in betaflight and then type “SAVE” and hit “ENTER”

target 2.PNG

Step 4

Verify firmware in Betaflight CLI

From Betaflight Github -

Now your FC is set up for bidirectional dshot. You now need to verify that it works. To do so power cycle FC and ESC. Connect the lipo first to the ESC, then the USB cable. Open the CLI and enter status. For BF 4.1 builds use the command dshot_telemetry_info instead. You should now see bidirectional dshot statistics similar to this:

Dshot reads: 145267 Dshot invalid pkts: 36 Dshot irq micros: 5 Dshot RPM Motor 0: 0 Dshot RPM Motor 1: 0 Dshot RPM Motor 2: 0 Dshot RPM Motor 3: 0

The number of invalid packets should not exceed 1% of all Dshot reads. All motors should report an RPM of 0.

Type exit to leave the CLI. Go to the motors tab and let all motors spin very slowly. Go back to the CLI and repeat the status command. Now your output should look like this:

Dshot reads: 505108 Dshot invalid pkts: 8 Dshot irq micros: 4 Dshot RPM Motor 0: 106 Dshot RPM Motor 1: 112 Dshot RPM Motor 2: 107 Dshot RPM Motor 3: 111


Tuning on 4.0 has proven to be a bit more difficult that I expected. Initially I tried the recommended tune fro Betaflight’s github page, which ended up not working out very well. Not sure what it is, but every time betaflight has a suggested tune/filter setting it just doesn’t feel right for racing applications. Anyway, here are my settings. Try them out and let me know how they work for you.

bf settings 4.0.PNG
colby curtola