Race Information

Individual pilot fee for the event is $100. This includes two days of racing, both individual and teams. If you do not have a team we will get you drafted to a team after the individual racing on Saturday.

start time - 9am sharp saturday 7/27/19

end time - sunset

The individual format will be as follows (subject to change)

  • 5 Qualifying/seeding rounds of racing (fast lap used for seeding)

  • Pilots will be seeded into Mains with 5 other pilots (6 total) where they will remain for the remainder of the day

  • Each Main will race in 5 heats to determine the winner that main

  • Racing rounds will cycle through the mains as follows - Group E race 1, Group D race 1, Group C race 1, Group B race 1, Group A race 1, Group E race 2, Group D race 2, Group C race 2, Group B race 2, Group A race 2, etc…

  • Prizes awarded for each main

Some other items to note

  • Individual finishing position will factor into your team scoring for Sunday

  • The higher up your pilots finish the better position you will be in for Sunday’s team event

  • Points are as follows for individual performance in your respective Main

    • 1st - 10

    • 2nd - 8

    • 3rd - 6

    • 4th - 4

    • 5th - 2

    • 6th - 1

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