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Pilot handbook

 VRL Season 5 - The Next Generation of Racers

schedule (subject to change)

Advanced Pilots will race from 4-6PM PST

Pro Pilots will race from 6-8PM PST

Race 1 - Oct. 5 2019

Race 2 - Oct. 12 2019

Race 3 - Oct. 19 2019

Race 4 - Oct. 26 2019

Bye week for IDLRC and AZ Night Event

Race 5 - Nov. 9 2019

Bye week for MGP Drone Nationals

Race 6 - Nov. 16 2019

Race 7 - Nov. 22 2019

Championships - TBD

DLC Content

Pilots participating in VRL Season 5 will be required to purchase the X-Class DLC as well as weekly Maps from Velocidrone. The DLC revenue will go directly towards funding the league and improving the overall experience of this season and future ones. 


Tracks will now be released on Sunday morning each week, giving pilots and extra day to leaderboard smash. As a league, we will do our best to make FPS friendly maps that do not handicap pilots with less-capable computers. 

Season Spec

Spec racing in VRL has become a huge hit! The racing has tightened up and the finishes have been even more exciting! Setting a spec will allow us to control the max speed of each pilot’s drone to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field. 

Pilots may choose a frame of their choice

Any Props

Profile 1

Single Class

Auto Arming (no turtle mode)


6 teams of 6 pilots

Pro Class Teams - These are the best pilots in sim racing from around the World who will represent their sponsors in VRL

  • FlightOne

  • Drone Nation

  • PiroflipRC

  • Gemfan

  • Baylands

  • Team Blacksheep

Advanced Class Teams - Each Pro team will draft an advanced team filled with 6 pilots, who will be made available in the VRL draft based on their performance on the “Tryouts Track”. 

  • Advanced pilots will act as the “minor league” team for the Pro teams

  • They will be allowed to sub in on a weekly basis for the Pro teams if needed

  • Advanced teams will be made up of 4-6 pilots

  • These teams will compete on Saturday nights at 4PM PST on the same track as the Pro teams. 

  • A minimum of 3 pilots will be required for each race

  • Advanced teams’ performance will not affect the Pro Team’s seasonal point standings

Season 5 Draft Tryouts - Pilots who do not get added to a sponsored team will have the opportunity to be drafted by the Pro Teams and will then race in a separate Advanced league.

  • The VRL Season 5 Tryout Window will be open from September 11th -September 20th 

  • The tryout track is now official and is called “VRL SEASON 5 TRYOUTS” on Dynamic Weather. (If you do not see the track on your list of available tracks, close the sim and re-open it)

  • Pilots will have 10 days to try and set their best 3-lap single class time for the track (THIS IS NOT SINGLE CLASS SET TO 3 LAPS!! 3-LAP SINGLE CLASS IS AN ACTUAL OPTION!)

  • All pilots who successfully set a time on the leaderboard will be draft eligible

  • The Draft will take place on the evening of September 21st and be live-streamed on Twitch

  • The Pro Team Captains will be required to attend the draft and will be asked to be on camera and coms


  • Each team will be required to nominate a captain who will be asked to join a video conference each week to open up the live stream. Each captain will be interviewed by the race moderator

  • Captains will also be responsible for ensuring their pilots are ready to go at the start of each weekly event


The racing format will be very similar to last season with some adjustments made to the scoring system. Using the successes and failures of Season 4 as a guide, we think we’ve come up with a good scoring system that will keep teams engaged throughout the season

Leaderboard Smash

As many VRL veterans will tell you, this was perhaps the most intense aspect of being a VRL pilot. Your team will rely on you to grind a new track each week, pushing your limits of skill to the max. Last season we saw weekly leaderboard smashes with teams separated by 1 second or less! 

  • All 6 pilots will be asked to set a 3-lap single class time for each week’s track (new tracks will be released on Sunday morning and pilots will have until the next Friday at midnight EST time to set their record (We’ve moved the closing time to Eastern time zone to make it more fair for our Midwest and east coast pilots)

  • If any of your team’s pilots do not set a 3-lap time, we will set their time to 10 seconds slower than the slowest time of the week out of all the Pro pilots on the board (not the slowest on your team or advanced)

  • The total time for your team will rank you among the other 6 VRL teams

  • 6 pilots flying 3 laps for a total of 18 laps

Rule Update as of 10/3/2019 - We’ve decided to update the pro/advanced team relationship after a meeting of team captains.

  • The leaderboard for the pro teams will consist of the fastest 6 pilots from their entire roster of 12 (pro and advanced). This means that Advanced pilots can be used for the Pro Leaderboard Smash points each week.

  • If Team Baylands, for example, has 2 advanced pilots who are faster on the track for a given week then they will move up to the Pro team for that week and the 2 pro pilots will be relegated to the advanced team.

  • This means that the advanced pilots will now represent the pro team on the Saturday. With that said, the advanced pilots are not forced to race for the pro team if you still have 4 Pro pilots available. If 3 advanced pilots are faster than Pro then you will need to have one of them race in the Pro event.

  • The Pro pilots who had a slower leaderboard time will be moved down to the advanced race at 4PM on Saturdays. They cannot race for the Pro race at 6PM for the given week.

  • If a team happens to only have 3 pilots available on race night from their Top 6, they are able to sub in a pilot from the bottom 6.

Race Event

This is what every pilots signs up for VRL to be a part of! The racing is some of the most intense and pressure-filled heats you will ever experience as a pilot. All 7 teams will be asked to produce 4 pilots per week to compete live. 

X-Class Heats (6:00PM-6:15PM)

Each week, VRL will produce a special X class track in the same location as the 5-inch racing. This track will not be included in the leaderboard smash, but will be used for live racing only. 

  • Teams will select 1 pilot to represent them in the X Class heats

  • The race will consist of 6 pilots (1 from each team) racing a single 10-lap event

  • Points for finishing position will be 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

The Big Heats (6:15PM-7:15PM)

  • The Pro pilots will be seeded based on their leaderboard standings and race against the other teams’ evenly ranked pilots

  • In the image below, for example, Drobot Racer (IOP) would be matched up against Orangestuff (Team Punchout) and JFURN (ESC) along with the other 4 teams’ top ranked pilots from that weeks leader board smash. 

  • There will be 4 Big Heats with 6 pilots, each representing their teams

  • Each Big Heat will consist of 7 heats with points being awarded for finishing position

  • Each pilots total points will go towards their team’s total points for the event as they vie for the top 4 spots to race in the semi-finals

  • Below you can see an example from last season where JFURN gave ESC on Fire the edge over the other teams in QF2.

  • In the next heat, Faerry gave his team the edge over ESC on Fire

  • The totals will be added up after all the pilots have completed their Big Heats to name the top 4 teams for the given race night.


  • Semi-finals will consist of the top 4 teams after all the quarter-final heats are completed.

  • This will be a round-robin session of 3 v 3 heads up racing

    • Team A vs Team B

    • Team A vs Team C

    • Team A vs Team D

    • Team B vs Team C

    • Team B vs Team D

    • Team C vs Team D

  • Each match up of two teams will consist of 3 heats of 3 v 3 racing

    • Points awarded for finishing position are as follows

      • 1st - 10

      • 2nd - 8

      • 3rd - 6

      • 4th - 4

      • 5th - 2

      • 6th - 1

  • Who can fly in each heat? The same group of 3 pilots can not fly in back to back match ups

    • Example - In match up 1 Team Gemfan sends Scottydoo, Hoopes and Drobot. In match up 2 vs the next team they have to sub out one of these pilots. In match up 3 they can then send the original lineup of Scottydoo, Hoopes and Drobot.

Weekly Finals (8:30PM - 9:00PM)

  • Teams will pick their top 3 pilots to compete in 8-lap per pilot relay  

  • First team to 24 laps will claim the top spot for the event

  • The relay track will be uploaded to the Velocidrone database, the only difference being the recharge gate addition.  

SEason scoring

Leaderboard Smash Points Possible

  1. 32

  2. 27

  3. 23

  4. 20

  5. 18

  6. 17

Weekly Finishing position Saturday night

  1. 40

  2. 35

  3. 31

  4. 28

  5. 26

  6. 25

The maximum points available per week will be 72 and the lowest possible outcome will be 42. The point spread has been tightened this season to keep all the teams in the hunt throughout the season.


After 7 weeks of racing, the top 4 teams will advance to the championships. These teams will be seeded for a double elimination bracket with the format TBA. Your team will want the best seed possible to have an easier road to the VRL S5 Title.